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Dr. Hickman is being considered one true professional leader in the K to 12 system of education and as well as in educational technology. He is also being considered as the leading expert when it comes to the best practices in the utilization of the classroom levels, student personalization, and educational technology district wide. He is very passionate about teaching the children on getting themselves ready.

His teaching passion causes him to disrupt constantly the current system of education. Dr Philip Hickman created an own company called MindAble Solutions in order to develop a leading educational technology, to produce an educational literature, and to consult to technology companies or to school districts. The new instructional education model, K to 16 ITI model was also invented by him.

Instructional and Technology Integration Model or ITI model transforms teaching and personalizes the learnings inside the classroom. Dr, Philip has so much obsessions when talking about the personalized learning fuels and he even obtained the certifications as the National Superintendent. In spite of this, he still continues on doing presentations in different conferences as leading authority.

Currently, Dr. Hickman has recently honored as the Superintendent for all schools. He received this national recognition for the reason that he made a visionary integration for personalization, technology, and instructional transformation. He also served very well in the diverse student population and also led the initiatives of a key reform into various nations that have positions of key leadership.

Philip Hickman as well has served previously as an Assistant Superintendent and Area Superintendent. Aside from all those achievement that he was able to receive being a teacher, he is also being honored as one of the best ebook authors. One very common ebook that he published was entitled Stop Dribbling Footballs.

In his ebook, Philip has written there the unique and the new approaches in order to understand better some individualized instructions. Also, the book can provide the educators an opportunity to challenge and to rethink the approaches in educating the students concerning the behavioral norms. The following is a brief summary of his ebook.

Joe was being forced of involving himself in a new environment, which he is not familiar with. For this reason, he had a hard time meeting the expectations of authority figures. But unfortunately, Joe has failed in becoming successful because of his application of rules in social norms to that new environment, being left as non compliant. The boy did those familiar things to him and wondered why everyone has been throwing harsh reactions at him.

And that was the time when he finally realized that he still needs to develop some very important tools in order to become successful when a particular coach has explained to him everything. Dr. Terry Grier, a Superintendent, have said a masterful job was done by Philip. It is because a child book was used by him in reminding the people how the rules and the background learned by children can help to shape their behavior.

Therefore, Hickman is really passionate for ensuring an equal access for education. He also made some demonstrations on the new and the innovative methods for educating the young scholars. Philip is planning to do this throughout his entire career. Get a summary of the things to keep in mind when picking a business consultant and more information about Dr Philip Hickman at http://drphiliphickman.com now.

Dr Philip Hickman
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