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Plastic bags pose a great threat to the environment. They are bio-degradable in nature and this leads to all sorts of eco problems. These bags get used to ferry goods and supplies purchased at the local grocery stores. In the last general elections the residents of California finally decided enough was enough. They resorted to voting against the use of the nylon bags entirely. All paper shopping bags California are now completely banned.

The last election was full of surprises to many. Some of the developments left many with a bitter feeling while a few came as a welcome relief. One of the positive outcomes of the election was the banning of the bags in California. The move was totally unexpected to the leading manufacturers. The voters, however, had a point to prove. The voters resisted the charms of dealers and outed them.

Some of the leading plastic bags manufacturers tried to convince the masses that such a move was ill-advised. They argued that they still needed more time to come up with efficient solutions to address the obvious problems. Luckily, the voters felt that they had already given the dealers enough time to rethink their strategies, to no avail. Hence, no more excuses; away with the bags.

Hawaii is a leader when it comes to adopting eco-friendly measures. For instance, since twenty fifteen, the state has effected a complete ban on all non-degradable wrappers. The only bags permitted in the state are the one time composite varieties. Even though these containers still have a negative impact on the environment. It is not as pronounced as it is with the alternative.

In fact, California is not the first state to head this direction. Two years ago, the state of Hawaii was first in line to propose and introduce such stringent measures for consumers. The move yielded fantastic results worth emulating hence the decision by the Californians. Today, save for the use of the one-time-composite products, you will not find a plastic bag being used in the state.

Hawaii is yet another state which has similar laws. The state moved to curb the use of bio-degradable items a few years back. The California law, however, exempted the use of containers which could only be used once and which were completely degradable. The actions have witnessed lowered pollution levels in the city which is indeed a positive step in the efforts to save our beloved planet, Earth.

Anyone who gets nailed still wrapping goods using the banned commodities will be in so much trouble. The law has made it succinct that there will be huge penalties for infringement of this act. The initiative is destined to get the manufacturers to start producing eco-friendly bags to avoid the fines and the sentences. Great news for the future of the beloved rock we call home, surely.

The developments have prompted shoppers to start thinking outside the box for once. The masses are now sitting down and making their own bags to fit in their bought gods at the shops. It is quite easy for you to find all the relevant information and pointers on how to come up with a cheap yet stylish bag online. Just visit sites like Piniterest and any other Do-It-Yourself sites and get started today. Buy paper shopping bags California companies sell via the Net right now. Visit our online store to view our selection of bags at today.

Paper Shopping Bags California
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